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Postpartum Services

I hold the deep belief that we are not meant to walk the journey of parenthood alone.

Bringing home a new baby is a tender, sacred time of transition. You are beginning on a new journey, no matter if this is your first baby, your second, or your seventh. This is a time meant for healing and bonding, and it is my honor to be a supportive and nurturing presence for you in this time. You don’t have to feel alone.

As your postpartum doula, my hope is to support you in whatever way serves you best. Just as every birth is unique, so too the needs of postpartum families are unique. My time with you may be spent caring for your baby while you sleep, offering encouragement and support with feeding baby, helping around the house with light tasks and cooking, holding space as you process your emotions, joys, and struggles, or focusing on education around baby's basic needs, development, or sleep. However my time is spent, my goal is that you feel supported, seen, and nurtured in this time.

Below are a list of a variety of ways my support might look for you and your family.


  • Baby care (holding baby, changing diapers, helping with baths, etc.)

  • Breast/chest feeding support

  • Bottle feeding if desired

  • Babywearing education and support

  • Sibling support (creative and developmentally appropriate ways to encourage bonding with baby and adjusting to new family dynamic)

  • Help around the house (laundry, dishes, light cleaning, etc.)

  • Cooking and meal prep

  • Emotional support and processing

  • Support and processing for partners

  • Encouragement, affirmation, and education in infant care

  • Sleep support, education, and planning

  • Resources and referrals


  • Baby care while you sleep (soothing and holding baby, changing diapers, bottle feeding if desired)

  • Breast/chest feeding support (helping with nighttime feedings, bringing you snacks and making sure you hydrate while you're nursing, keeping you company as you nurse)

  • Light household tasks such as laundry, washing bottles

  • Emotional support

Rates:  $45/hr for daytime care | $50/hr for overnight care

(minimum 2 hr requirement per shift)

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