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Baby's Grasp

Birth Services

Birth Package - Prenatal, Labor & Birth, Postpartum included $1500
This pricing reflects the partnership package with myself and Lisa Fletcher, of Seven Gates Birth. See my About Me for more information.
Pricing is negotiable - reach out to chat more about options


Pregnancy is a transitional time, and one in which many people appreciate preparing and making plans for this new human and their new life together.
My birth services package includes 2 or more prenatal visits, which gives us a chance to:

*get to know one another

*discuss your hopes & dreams for birth and beyond

*talk through your birth preferences & create a birth plan

*collaborate with your birth partner to form your ideal team
*address any worries or fears & how to release them

*practice breathing, positioning, relaxation, & coping techniques (these practices also help support you throughout your pregnancy!)
I am also available to you 24/7 for emotional support.

Labor & Birth

From the moment you first wonder "Is it time?" through the first golden hours after your birth, I will be there for you.

In early labor, we will keep in consistent contact, and I will be by your side as soon as you want me there. I will remain with you - in your home or traveling to birth location - throughout your labor and birthing time.

I will provide continuous one-on-one support and care, including tending to the nourishment & wellbeing of you & your partner, providing relaxation tools and coping techniques, and offering physical & emotional support.

After baby is born, I will stay an hour or two, or until you and baby are settled, nourished, and ready to be alone as a family.

I can also take photos/video

as desired.


My support continues into your postpartum time as you navigate the waters of parenting this brand new human.

We will plan 1-2 postpartum visits (more available as needed) during which I will:

*process your birth with you

*discuss any questions you have

*offer feeding support

*provide physical, mental & emotional support

*talk about your transition to parenting this new person

*support your ongoing healing and thriving as a family


Spiritual & Ritual

Pregnancy and birth are transformative times in our lives. Many people feel a deep pull and connection to something other, something deeper, something beyond themselves during this time. I am here to hold space for you as you explore, to offer guidance or wisdom as is fitting, and to honor your sacred travels. I can also facilitate a Birth Blessing Ceremony (akin to the traditional Navajo Blessingway) or other ceremonies. Reach out to discuss what this support can look like for you.

Sibling Doula

Support for your older child or children in this time of transition in their family. Includes an in-home prenatal visit to get to know your family, learn your wishes for your birth and how you may want them involved (if applicable), and time building a relationship with your child(ren). Discussion on how to prepare your child(ren) for birth and postpartum, including suggestions of developmentally appropriate videos, books, and other resources. Continuous support of your child(ren) during labor and birth. | $1000

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