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Sacred Waters

Katie Slack, Birth Doula

What I Offer


You deserve love, encouragement, and empowerment in your pregnancy, your birth, and beyond.

You deserve the space for your experience.

Your experience matters.

Your grief matters.

Your birth matters.


About Me

Hello! My name is Katie (she/her), and I’m delighted to meet you in this space. As a birth doula, I find my passion in encouraging, educating, and empowering birthing people and their families throughout their pregnancy, their birthing time, and beyond. It is my honor to offer support, pour out my love, and hold space for you as you embark on this transformative journey.

My birth philosophy:  Each birth belongs to the birthing person and the baby being born. It is your journey to navigate, your story to tell. My role is to support you in your journey, to travel alongside you, to encourage and affirm and empower you. I trust your body's wisdom to birth your child, and your intuition as you make choices for your birth, and I seek to strengthen your connection to your inner knowing, your own deep wisdom. It is my role to be a grounded source of support and love for you, your partner, and your family throughout your birthing experience and beyond. This work is sacred, and a deep honor.

I love deep conversations, and also enjoy a good belly laugh! As a mama, I've discovered that being silly is one of my superpowers, and I know the power of laughter to release tension and relax. Another gift of parenthood is my calm in the midst of chaos. No matter what is going on around me - whether it's my family chaos at bedtime or an unexpected change of course in a birth - I am present to the moment, bringing grounding, clarity, and compassion.

I am a professionally trained birth doula through Community Aware Birthworkers, and have further training in cranial sacral therapy for myofascial release in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I also have grief and loss expertise, and offer bereavement doula services for pregnancy and infant loss. I serve the Minnesota Twin Cities and surrounding areas. I attend all births - any place, any circumstance. If you want doula support during your pregnancy, birthing time, and beyond, you deserve a doula!


I live on Wahpekute, Očeti Šakówiŋ, and Anishinabewaki land in the Twin Cities with my wonderful spouse and my four beautiful, exuberant, amazing children.


If you are facing a grief or loss situation in your pregnancy, please follow this link for further information on my bereavement doula services. For immediate support, please call/text:  (218) 220-7290


"Every birth has its own story, its own journey, its own path to travel. It is my honor to travel alongside you, navigating these sacred waters."

Katie Slack, Sacred Waters Birth Doula
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